Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings per container: 45
Amount per serving %DV
Colostrum HGCG 30 (Milk) 1000mg*
*Daily Value not established


Organic Wood Grown Mushrooms

Our mushrooms are cultivated exclusively on wood without the use of chemicals, just the way nature intended. 

Hot Water Extraction - Potency Guaranteed

 Each product is manufactured to the exacting quality standards identified in the supporting scientific research. Our exclusive hot water extraction process guarantees the levels of the active compounds these mushrooms are famous for.

Colostrum APS 58/20


BirkDale Medicinals: From the forests of Japan, the home of Reishi, to the hardwood forests of New England, the home of Maitake, to the rain forests of Brazil, the home of Agaricus blazei, we select only the most vigorous mushroom strains from their native forests. We are very selective where we buy our ingredients, so you can be assured of the world's best products.

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